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Keep It Clean With Katch

Made in the USA, Katch is a multi-purpose disposable protection fabric that is available in roll and sheet form. Katch is designed for temporary surface protection of work spaces such as floors, tabletops, and walls.

Using a 3M™ adhesive backing, Katch makes for easy application that stays put and is repostionable, leaving no residue when removed. Katch protects surfaces against paint, water, mud, dust, glitter, powders, or solvents.

Stick it. Katch it. Toss it. 

Katch is easy to use in small spaces and is perfect in many DIY home projects. Damage to your valuable surfaces can result in time-consuming and costly cleanup. Katch is a more convenient and effective way to protect your floors, walls, tapletops, and other work areas, no matter the project. Protect floors when painting, pavment from oil spills during automotive repairs, and tabletops during craft projects. Katch makes cleanup a breeze, it's as simple as 1,2,3! 

Paint Protection Trim Protection Pet Protection Tabletop Protection

Katch Benefits

  • Easy, one-step application
  • Clean removal from most surfaces
  • Provides a cleaner working environment
  • Indoor and outdoor application
  • Resists UV rays - can be used outdoors for up to two weeks
  • Non-sllp, improves traction to avoid slips 

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