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Katch Surface Protection Rolls

  • Katch Disposable Products

Katch is a multi-purpose, reusable adhesive protection fabric available in roll form. Katch is manufactured in the USA and is designed to provide temporary surface protection for floors, tabletops, walls, and more! Self-stick Katch surface protection rolls are thin, lightweight, and are designed with a 3M™ adhesive backing. It’s as simple as Stick. Protect. Reuse.

In addition to serving individuals and DIYers, Katch supports large-scale distributors with bulk orders of any size. Katch will ensure your shelves are stocked and your customers mess-free. To receive a special quote on bulk Katch surface protection roll orders, call 510-661-0950 or contact us!



It’s as Simple as Stick. Protect. Reuse.

Damage to your valuable surfaces can result in a time-consuming and costly cleanup. Katch is a convenient and effective way to protect your floors, walls, tabletops, and other work areas, no matter the project. Katch makes cleanup a breeze—it’s as simple as Stick. Protect. Reuse. Other benefits include:
  • 3M™ low-tack adhesive backing
  • Easy one-step application with simple repositioning capabilities
  • Leak-proof coverage for indoor or outdoor surface protection
  • UV resistant for extended outdoor use
  • Non-slip design improves traction to avoid slips
  • Removable

How to Use Katch Surface Protection Rolls

Make sure surfaces are clean and dry before use. Roll out Katch to your desired length, attach to the surface with the adhesive side down, and cut. Smooth to reduce bubbles and wrinkles using your hand or a flat edge squeegee.

Leave Katch on your surface to reuse multiple times or pull it up by following the installation instructions. If the top fabric layer is dry, apply the adhesive fabric back onto the roll to store. Katch can be reused as long as the temporary adhesive is still tacky. Usually, Katch lasts 3-5 reattachments, but performance will vary depending on use and surface. Change every 2-4 weeks or as needed.

Reliable & Reusable Surface Protection for Any Industry

Katch reusable adhesive surface protection rolls stop liquids and safeguard against dust, dirt, glitter, powder, and more. The sticky underside allows the adhesive fabric to remain in place for improved traction. Industries that utilize Katch adhesive surface protection rolls include: Katch provides excellent surface protection for any industrial, commercial, or residential application with the potential for mess. Protect floors when painting, pavement from oil spills during automotive repairs, and tabletops during craft projects.

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