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  • Wirenot electronic products

Wireless. Simple. Bliss.

Wirenot is a consumer products division of Rathbun. The Wirenot brand is commited to bringing Best-In-Class electronic products to customers worldwide, and as a technology company we are dedicated to bringing our customers easy-to-use hi-tech devices.

This line features truly wireless bluetooth earbuds with effortless control. Wirenot air buds integrate all of the benefits of truly wireless earbuds, without taking perfomance shortcuts. Features include built in microphone, outstanding battery life, superior comfort, crtstal clear sound, and is easy to pair with your device. Wirenot air buds are compatible with Apple, Samsung, and Android smart phones.

Wirenot, a Rathbun brand, is a USA company based in the Silicon Valley. As a technology company we are dedicated to developing superior wireless products with ease of usability for our customers.

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