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Heat Spreader Label

(Rathbun Heat Spreader Label)
The Heat Spreader Label RBCP-101951 is an acrylic and copper based heat spreading transfer label designed to provide a preferential heat transfer path away from heat generating sources. 

The Rathbun Heat Spreader Label is made up entirely of 3M materials, including a high-performance label for heat transfer printing, a heat spreader layer complete with a polymeric coating for extra dielectric protection, and unique edge protection providing electrical insulation.

Technical Resources

Key Features
  • Heat Spreading Core. Thermally conductive in X-Y-Z directions
  • Electrically insulated; Top, Bottom, all 4 edges
  • Dielectric
  • Zebra printer compatible label on top
  • Slim .18mm thick, more robust .20mm thick, a powerful .25mm thick
  • Halogen-free
  • Silicone-free
  • UL V-0
  • Strong acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) on bottom, specific to electronics
  • High tack PSA provides high initial adhesion and good shear holding power.
  • ​High Humidity has little effect on adhesive

Typical Physical Properties and Performance Characteristics 

Note: The following technical information and data should be considered representative or typical only, and should not be used for specification purposes.
Property Method Value Value
- - Room Temperature 1000 hours at 110C
Color - White top/Copper bottom White top/Copper bottom
Thickness Gauge .18mm / .20mm / .25mm .18mm / .20mm / .25mm
Thermal Conductivity (W/m-k) ASTM C1113 118 (x-y) / 0.28 (z) 153 (x-y) / 0.27 (z)
Flammability UL94 V-O (pending) V-O (pending)
Density (g/cm3, @25°C) GB/T 1423-1996 2.96 -
Volume Resistivity (Ω-cm) ASTM D257 8.32E + 14 9.36E + 13
Dielectric Strength (kV/mm) ASTM 149 52.6 79.5
Specific Heat Capacity (J/g C) ASTM-1269-11 0.654 -
Thermal Diffusion Coefficient (mm2/s)  ASTM-1461-13 25.8 (x-y) / .124 (z) -
Peel Adhesion - 90 degree kg/25.4mm 1.67 -
Peel Adhesion - 180 degree kg/25.4mm (N/mm) 1.2 (0.65) 1.7 (0.85)
Thermal Resistance (Km2/W) ASTM 5470-17 0.0007986 -
Operating Range - -30C to 110C -
Silicone Outgassing - No Silicone detected -

Print Label Characteristics

3M™ Thermal Transfer Polyester Label Materials are durable polyester label stocks that offer excellent moisture resistance and thermal stability. These label products utilize 3M™ Adhesive 310 which is a firm adhesive which resists oozing.

Top-coated for improved ink receptivity and thermal transfer printing. Resin ribbons are recommended for optimum durability. The topcoat also provides improved ink anchorage for traditional forms of press printing.  It is printable by all standard roll processing methods including flexography, hot-stamp, letterpress, and screen printing.

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