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Rathbun Thermal Paste TP10


Rathbun TP10 is a dispensable, one-part, non-silicone gap filler. This dark gray product is very tacky, resists vibration and shock, will stay in place and not run, even under elevated temperatures. This product is extremely viscous with a very high initial yield point. The material will flow under higher shear and tends to increase in viscosity slightly over time and is able to withstand temperatures in excess of 180ºC for short periods. TP10 was developed in response to a moderately priced product that adheres very well initially and stays put in place while still providing increased thermal transfer efficiency. TP-10 is an excellent solution and is compatible with use in most electronic materials.

The Non-Silicone Advantage

Silicone-based compounds have an undesirable tendency to physically migrate and contaminate components nearby. This interferes with circuit operation long after hardware installation to cause unexpected, untimely and often inaccessible problems. TP10’s no creep feature extends circuit life by protecting components longer and by eliminating premature failure of adjacent components caused by migrating silicone base fluid.

Product Features & Benefits

TP10 non-silicone, “no creep” feature extends OEM service life. It is compatible with most metal and plastic components. It has a five-year minimum shelf life in its unopened container. Additional benefits include excellent thermal conductivity and thermal resistance over a wide operating temperature range. 

TP10 is a much more cost-effective gap-filling solution compared to pre-formed gap pads. The product has considerably greater thermal conductivity than standard non-silicone thermal grease and can be
modified by customer request.