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Multi-Use Medical Face Shield

Rathbun's Face Shield is designed to protect your eyes, nose, mouth, and face from airborne liquids and contaminants. Each shield can be cleaned with disinfectant or alcohol and is made for multiple uses when cleaned properly. This lightweight PET shield is built with a foam forehead strip for long lasting comfort throughout the day.

Rathbun Shield's are a one-size fits everyone design, with an elastic back, allowing for fitting heads of all shapes and sizes. The foam and 3M™ adhesive are meant to withstand cleaning solvents and liquids for multiple uses. High humidty has minimal effect on both the foam and adhesive. 

Manufactured at Rathbun

Rathbun is ISO 9001 Certified, which means we hold our performance at a higher standard. Quality and customer satisfaction is our priority. Every Face Shield is manufactured and inspected at our headquarters in Fremont, CA. 

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Face Shield Specifications

  • Each shield can  be cleaned with disinfectant or alcohol, multiple times
  • Designed using ANS IZ87.1 guidelines
  • Shield is 8.75 inches long
  • Elastic is 1" wide for long lasting comfort
  • Foam is frequently used for medical purposes
  • Manufactured using a 3M™adhesive

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