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3M Specialty Products

3M specialty products increase safety and protect equipment and the surrounding surfaces. These products include Bumpon self-adhesives and safety walk tapes and treads, designed to safeguard your items from noise, scrapes, falls, shock, and slips. 3M Specialty Products are highly versatile and used in diverse industrial applications, including appliance manufacturing, aerospace, locomotive, construction, electronics, and more.

Authorized Converter & Distributor for Bumpon, Safety Walk Tape, & More

As an authorized converter and distributor of 3M products, we supply commercial and industrial customers with customized resources. Our inventory includes Bumpon self-adhesive feet, safety walk tapes and treads, and more. Our converting services allow us to modify these products to match your application requirements.

3M Bumpon Self-Adhesive Feet & Spacers

Bumpon feet and spacers are self-adhesive components designed to reduce vibration and noise and prevent slipping on the applied devices. Bumpon feet can be used on the surface area of electronic devices, appliances, and other items to provide protection. Benefits of 3M Bumpon products include:
  • Effortless application due to 3M’s pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Excellent skid-resistance
  • Won't scratch or leave stains
  • Minimizes vibration & noise
  • Maintains flexibility, preventing cracking or hardening

3M Safety Walk Slip-Resistant Tapes & Treads

3M Safety Walk products are slip-resistant tapes and treads that can be applied to surfaces to reduce the risk of slips and falls. These anti-slip solutions provide reliable traction, particularly in areas prone to moisture or other slippery material, including marine vessels, construction equipment, and more. In commercial and industrial environments, 3M safety walk products are used on stairs, ramps, walkways, and floors. These products are durable and easy to install, providing a reliable solution for increasing safety. Benefits of 3M safety walk tapes and treads include:
  • Durable
  • Easy to apply
  • Designed to meet safety standards
  • Customizable for unique applications

Electronics, Aerospace, & Other Industrial Applications for Specialty 3M Products

3M Bumpon components and safety walk products are used in a wide range of industrial sectors, providing innovative safety and protection properties for diverse applications. Industries that use these 3M specialty products include:
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Marine
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • OEMs
  • All industrial environments requiring floor surface traction

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Rathbun offers superior customer service to ensure you have the best products for your application requirements. With our complete customization and converting capabilities, we can modify 3M specialty products to meet your unique needs. With fast and efficient turnaround times on orders and bulk ordering options, Rathbun is your source for custom 3M specialty products.

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