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Fan Mounts

  • E-A-R™ Fan Mounts
The interconnected flow of numerous engines, fans, blowers, actuators and different components inside OEM and transportation hardware can introduce issues that can be difficult to determine accurately. Furthermore, product engineers additionally should consider noise control, as well as random vibration and shock inputs that may occur from outer sources.
Through their advancements in technology, E-A-R™ has been able to streamline this procedure with their broad line of standard isolators and mounts molded from proprietary highly damped, ISODAMP™ and VersaDamp™ elastomers. With various formations and material formulations accessible, E-A-R™ isolators provide considerable design adjustability. E-A-R™ mounts can give shock control for devices such as, electronics, CPU disk drives, cameras, small-scale drives, automotive, appliance mechanisms, fans, switches, and laptops. They also control noise, vibration, shock, and movement in PC printers, and precision hardware for numerous industries including, medical, office and laboratory equipment.
E-A-R™ Fan Mounts help control shock, noise, vibration, and motion issues in devices like; computer printers, precision medical equipment, office equipment, and demanding space constraints in miniature drives. Designed specifically for the miniature cooling fans found in compact electronics, these E-A-R™ fan mounts prevent the transfer of vibration from one component to another. They fit between the fan and the housing to which it attaches.
Product Features:
  • “Off-The-Shelf” Solution
  • Highly damped elastomers
  • Shock absorbing
  • Noise control
  • Vibration damping
  • Designed to perform in distinct temperature ranges
  • Soft and flexible yet physically strong
  • RoHS compliant
  • Demanding space constraints in miniature drives