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Custom Fabrication for 3M Tapes and Adhesives

Adhesive converters are specifically utilized to alter 3M tapes and adhesives to create custom-designed products that are exclusive to each client. Through the utilization of custom die cutting, graphics printing and lamination design concepts, 3M tapes and adhesives can be converted into custom-tailored products. These unique products combine the benefits of 3M adhesives and tapes with a specific company’s marketing and design concepts. The result is an advanced quality adhesive product that is fully customized to the needs of the company.
Rathbun is a 3M Preferred Converter of 3M tapes and adhesives as well as one of the largest converters and distributors of 3M thermal management materials. We’ve been working with 3M tapes, adhesives, and other materials for decades, and have built a sturdy relationship with 3M that gives us a direct line of communication with experts throughout the company. We have support from 3M engineers and material experts to find the perfect solution for your unique application.
Contact us for more information regarding the 3M tapes and adhesives conversion process. Adhesive tape converters can transform a 3M tape and adhesive product into a marketing tool that enhances your product’s design and appearance.

Turnkey Service Options for 3M Tape Converters

At Rathbun we offer a hands-on approach to every custom converting project we accept, providing premium technical solutions to advanced technical problems. Our team knows the ever-expanding 3M product base inside and out—we know what will work for a given application, what won’t, and why. From prototypes to final production, Rathbun acts in hours, not weeks.
We offer complete, turnkey 3M tape converters and converting services to turn stock 3M materials into custom products that match your exact specifications. Some of the ways in which we can process 3M tapes and adhesives into fully customized products that improve performance and processes, includes:

3M Tape Converters & Thermal Management Materials

3M thermal materials are not only cost-effective, they have been produced with a noteworthy blend of properties comprised of exceptional thermal and electrical presentation. These materials have the capabilities to absorb and redistribute heat away from intricate parts. 3M offers an array for thermal solutions, including thermally conductive interface pads, tapes, epoxies, greases, and much more. 3M thermal management materials can be integrated into your custom designs through the utilization of an adhesive conversion process.

Adhesive Converters for 3M Shielding & Electrical Tapes

3M EMI solutions are designed to provide electromagnetic compatibility, shield or absorb electromagnetic current, ground sensitive electronic components and boards, cushion components, protect cables, and provide conductive properties. Adhesive tape converters can provide EMI/RI shielding options for your unique design concepts.

Adhesive Tape Converters for 3M Flame Retardant Barriers

The 3M FRB Series is a flame-retardant barrier product that is used for OEM electrical flame barrier applications. It is an inorganic based, halogen-free material that is proportionately stable. with limited shrinkage at high temperatures. 3M flame retardant barriers can be fully customized through the use of 3M tape converters.

3M Tape Converters & Bonding Tapes

Bonding tapes provide a pressure-sensitive adhesive on each side, which allows the user to attach the tape to numerous substrates with an assortment of strengths. These tapes range permanent to repositionable. Adhesive tape converters provide a fully customizable option for 3M tapes and adhesives.

Adhesive Converters for 3M Single Coated Tapes

Single coated tapes from 3M are available with a wide range of pressure sensitive adhesives and can be die-cut for converting purposes. It provides temperature resistance and can be used in numerous types of applications. Rathbun’s 3M tape converters can alter standard 3M tape into a custom design that can be used for numerous purposes.

Adhesive Tape Converters for 3M Reclosable Fasteners

3M Reclosable Fasteners are durable, secure, and can withstand continuous opening and closing without compromising the integrity of the material. They replace unsightly mechanical clasps and are dependable even in harsh weather conditions. Adhesive tape converters can be effectively utilized to transform standard 3M reclosable fasteners into a fully customizable marketing option.

Adhesive Converters for 3M Specialty Products

Advanced specialty products from 3M are designed to safeguard your items from noise, scrapes, falls, shock, and slips. 3M tape converters allow you to utilize 3M’s specialty products through your own company inspired design concepts.

The Rathbun Advantage

Rathbun may not be your only source for 3M products, but we are the hands-down best. We take pride in providing the best selection and the fastest solutions for any application. We cater to projects all along the spectrum—whether you know what you need to accomplish but don’t know how to do it, have finalized CAD files for your parts, or are somewhere in between, we are the partner you need. We stock a huge inventory of quality 3M products, including:

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