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3M Reclosable Fasteners

Rathbun distributes 3M reclosable fasteners, including 3M Hook and Loop fastening products and 3M Dual Lock™. For items that require repeated opening and closing, 3M reclosable fasteners provide solutions that improve the appearance of your product and offer quick and easy installation. These adhesive fasteners can be easily applied to various substrates, including furniture, vehicles, product displays, industrial applications, and more. 3M reclosable fasteners can be a lightweight substitute for metal latches and are offered in multiple strength levels. With the ability to connect different materials without erosion or defilement of the surface area, 3M’s reclosable fastening products are versatile and reliable. Benefits of 3M reclosable fasteners include:
  • Reliable pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • A large assortment of closure strengths and thicknesses to choose from
  • Replaces unsightly mechanical clasps
  • Has the ability to open and close up to 1,000 snaps
  • Dependable performance in harsh weather conditions

3M Adhesive Fastening Products at Rathbun

3M adhesive fasteners provide versatile fastening solutions for various material surfaces. These fasteners allow for fast product assembly, reducing production time and increasing efficiency. While 3M offers thousands of individual adhesive fastening products, the two primary categories of reclosable fasteners are Hook & Loop and Dual Lock™ fasteners.

3M Hook & Loop Fasteners

The 3M Hook and Loop system simplifies application and installation, eliminating the need for drilling holes or tightening threaded fasteners. 3M Hook and Loop adhesive fasteners are reusable and highly durable, with most Hook and Loop products lasting over 5,000 closures. Features of 3M Hook and Loop fasteners include:
  • Secure and reusable closure with hooks on one side and loops on the other
  • Dependable pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) grip that works with a wide range of materials
  • Extended reusability, able to withstand thousands of closures
  • Easy to use

3M Dual Lock Fasteners

3M Dual Lock is an adhesive fastening product with enhanced strength and holding power. While Dual Lock has fewer closures than Hook and Loop (about 1,000 closures compared to Hook and Loop’s 5,000+), Dual Lock features about five times the holding strength of Hook and Loop. 3M Dual Lock is also moisture resistant, retaining a secure hold even in harsh environments. Benefits of 3M Dual Lock include:
  • Substantial gripping strength
  • Helps reduction vibration
  • Temperature, moisture, and UV resistant
  • Mushroom-shaped heads have five times the stretchable strength of 3M’s Hook and Loop line

Converting Services for 3M Reclosable Fasteners & Other 3M Products

Do you need a custom 3M product for your project's specifications? Rathbun is a leading provider of custom converting services for 3M products. As a 3M Preferred Converter, we convert 3M products for various applications, including 3M coated tapes, 3M bonding tapes, 3M antimicrobial protective film, and more. We supply converted products for customers across multiple industries, including aerospace, military, medical manufacturing, biotech, automotive, and more. Contact us today to learn how our converting services can help you tackle even the most intricate problems.

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