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Aearo Technologies Versadamp line has been discontinued. For more details, click here.

Custom Molded Parts

Custom molded parts and molding materials are designed to provide exclusive noise, vibration, and shock control for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s custom molded thermoplastics or custom molded thermosets, we can provide the precise molded materials and parts your application requires.

At Rathbun, we can help you narrow down the right noise, vibration, and shock damping product based on your project’s exact specifications. Our experts can provide custom fabrication solutions for any type of Aearo Technologies LLC product line including, molding materials, grommets, damping materials and more. We provide turnkey solutions on all types of Aearo Technologies materials.

Contact us for more information regarding our custom molded parts and materials including custom mold thermoplastics and custom molded thermoset product options or call us at 510-661-0950 and we will gladly discuss your project needs. Rathbun is your trusted source for Aearo custom molded parts and materials.

Aearo Technologies Custom & Molded Part Advantages

Rathbun is an authorized converter and distributor of Aearo Technologies materials. We offer Aearo molded and custom parts in both thermoplastic and thermoset options. We provide direct prototype to production volumes that allows your project to advance to a next level of success. Rathbun is a trusted supplier for Aearo Technologies LLC; no other independent distributor offers a larger selection of Aearo Technologies products. Aearo custom molded part and material benefits include:
  • RoHS compliant
  • Highly damped materials
  • Noise control
  • Shock control
  • Vibration control

Aearo Technologies Custom & Molded Part Options

Aearo Technologies custom and molded parts are engineered to provide significant noise, vibration, and shock reduction and are useful in numerous applications ranging from computers and industrial equipment to disc drives and office equipment. Rathbun’s Aearo custom and molded part options include:


  • ISODAMP™ C-1000 Series
  • ISODAMP™ C-8000 Series


  • ISOLOSS HD Elastomers
  • ISOLOSS™ SL Thermoset Materials

Contact Rathbun for Aearo Technologies Custom Molded Thermoset & Thermoplastics Today

Contact us for more information regarding our Aearo Technologies custom molding material and part product options or request a quote for further pricing details today. Rathbun is your premier resource for quality Aearo custom molded parts and materials.

As an authorized distributor of Aearo Technologies manufactured products, we can help you find the right vibration damping custom molded thermoset and thermoplastic product based on your project’s exact specifications.