3M Preferred Converter, Authorized Distributor, and Converter of Aearo Technologies LLC products

Thermal, Electronic, and Sound-Absorbing Materials Supplier

With over fifty years of experience, Rathbun is a top supplier of thermal, electronic, sound-absorbing, vibration-damping, shock-absorbing, and cushioning materials. We offer countless products and can convert most materials to your drawing specifications. As a leading provider of Aearo Technologies (previously E-A-R), Laird products, and as a 3M™ Preferred converter, Rathbun is ready to tackle the challenges of any industry.
To learn how Rathbun can support your unique application, contact or call 510-661-0950 today! Real people with real training always answer our phones. We’ll help you find a suitable product and best solution for your requirements, making it fast, easy, and stress-free.

Custom Converting Services for Thermal Materials and More 

To satisfy your industry’s custom specifications and exceed your expectations, Rathbun offers multiple converting services for thermal materials, vibration damping materials, sound-absorbing foams, and more. Services include:

We also offer a variety of SSD cooling solutions and specialty solutions to deliver innovative technology to any industrial operation.



Medical Device












LED Lighting


Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions for Electronics

Electronics, servers, hard disks, solid-state drives, and various infrastructure components demand high-quality thermal materials and gap fillers to function as designed. Whether you want thermally conductive pads to dissipate heat from essential parts, need thermal paste, or require heat spreader labels, Rathbun can fulfill any need for your electronics operations.

Leading Supplier of Biotech, Medical & Healthcare Materials

Biotech, healthcare, and medical devices must meet strict guidelines to be utilized in day-to-day operations. To produce the best medical devices and biotech components possible, we offer an expansive catalog of medically approved materials to convert to your application specifications. Rathbun is proud to be a leading provider of 3M medical-grade products to help you meet stringent certification standards.

Precision Solutions for Aerospace & Military Applications

There is no room for error when manufacturing parts for the aerospace or military industries. Each component must meet exacting specifications, Mil-Spec policies, ISO requirements, and other regulations, as failure can lead to catastrophic consequences. Rathbun has the hands-on experience and earned knowledge to be your top provider of vibration damping solutions and offer converting services for power supplies, controllers, drones, satellites, and more.

Driving Automotive Innovations with Advanced Materials

As the automotive industry evolves, components with increased technological capacities are required. We are your full-service partner for vibration-damping, thermal, electronic-grade, or sound-absorbing materials. From advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to infotainment components to powertrain/ECUs, Rathbun is uniquely positioned to be your go-to provider and converter.

Specialized Support for the Industrial Sector

Industrial manufacturing is a large industry that covers a vast range of products, components, and specifications. Rathbun is prepared to meet these diverse needs. We provide innovative technological solutions for LED lighting, automation systems, test instrumentation, motion control, and more. Our converting services and specialty products are customizable to meet your requirements.

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Rathbun is your top converter and supplier of standard or custom vibration damping products, thermal materials, sound-absorbing foams, and other innovative solutions. Our vast and diverse experience has prepared us to meet every major industry's needs, challenges, and specifications. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your order. Request a quote to receive specific pricing and timeline estimates.