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3M Single Coated Tapes

3M™ manufactured single coated adhesives are incredibly versatile and protect against moisture, temperature, scratches, and are UV-resistant. Highly durable 3M™ single coated tapes are manufactured with rubber, silicone, and acrylic adhesives. They are designed to protect and modify surfaces and are suitable for use in indoor and outdoor applications.

Rathbun is a direct distributor of 3M™ single coated tapes and adhesives. Whether your project requires aluminum, vinyl-coated, crepe paper backing, or an anti-stick adhesive tape, we have you covered! We can quickly find the 3M™ single coated tape you are looking for in our database, making the process painless and easy for you.

Looking for the best product to fit your application? Rathbun is here to help. Please contact us, and someone from our sales team will help you find a solution that fits your application needs.

3M™ Single Coated Tape Features

3M™ Single Coated Tapes and Adhesives are built to mask paint, reflect heat, and repel sticky materials while simultaneously improving appearance, usefulness, and efficiency. At Rathbun, we offer a wide assortment of single coated tapes to fit your application requirements. Durable 3M™ single coated adhesive beneficial features include:
  • Numerous pressure-sensitive adhesive Options
  • Can be die-cut for converting purposes
  • Conformable
  • Temperature resistant
  • Easy to use

3M™ Single Coated Tape Options

To ensure that you are purchasing the correct 3M™ single coated tape or adhesive for your project, you’ll want to consider several factors, including backing material, adhesive type, application time and temperature, surface characteristics, and end-use conditions. Rathbun offers a wide assortment of 3M™ single coated tapes to fit your application needs.

3M™ Single Coated Tapes & Adhesives

3M™ Single Coated Tapes are engineered to alter surfaces, with the benefit of enhancing the surface’s appearance, functionality, and productivity. Whether you are looking to safeguard your surface from unwanted scratches, cover-up undesirable paint marks, redirect heat, or change the look of a surface, 3M™ offers a wide variety of single coated tapes to fit your application requirements.

3M™ Single Coated Foam Tapes

3M™ Single Coated Foam Tapes offer top quality acrylic adhesive and protect your products from unwanted debris and provide exceptional adherence to a wide range of surfaces including, glass, wood, stainless steel, acrylic, and plastic. Single coated foam tapes include both vinyl and urethane adhesive materials.

3M™ Protective Tapes

3M™ protective tapes are ideal for both permanent and temporary holds. They are designed with a strong polymer and coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that offers excellent surface and impact protection while providing high bond strength and adherence to multiple surfaces.

3M™ Polyurethane Protective Tapes

3M™ polyurethane protective tapes are treated with a superior, pressure-sensitive adhesive to provide extreme surface and impact protection. Polyurethane protective tapes offer excellent UV resistance and clear transparency for a broad range of applications.

Custom Die Cut 3M™ Single Coated Tapes

Through the utilization of custom die-cutting and lamination processes, Rathbun can convert 3M™ tapes and adhesives into custom-tailored products. 3M™ single coated tapes are versatile and, combined with their unique benefits, complement a company’s specific marketing and design concepts.
Rathbun provides die-cut 3M™ single coated tapes and adhesives for your converting process needs. We are a 3M™ Preferred Converter and a leading converter and distributor of 3M™ thermal management materials.

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