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Aearo Technologies Versadamp line has been discontinued. For more details, click here.

Shock Absorbing Mounts & Vibration Damping Feet

The proprietary, highly damped ISODAMP™ thermoplastic equipment mounts and mounting feet by Aearo Technologies provide high-performance shock, vibration, and noise control in a wide range of applications. Noise-damping and shock-absorbing Aearo vibration-damping equipment mounts and mounting feet exhibit extremely low rebound characteristics, ensuring low amplification at resonance and rapid settling to equilibrium after shock or vibration input.

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Rathbun is your direct source for premium Aearo Technologies mounting feet and equipment mounts. Contact us online or call (510)661-0950 for more information regarding Aearo equipment mounting feet, sandwich mounts, and fan mounts. We also provide custom-molded parts for specialty applications. Rathbun is your trusted source for premium Aearo Technologies vibration-damping leveling feet and shock-absorbing mounts. 

Aearo Shock-Absorbing Vibration Damping Feet at Rathbun

Vibration-damping mounting feet and shock-absorbing mounts are specialized components that reduce vibrations transferred to mounted equipment. They absorb and dissipate vibration energy, reducing movement, noise, and potential damage to the equipment. Vibration-damping mounting feet are commonly used in various industries to enhance equipment performance and safety by minimizing vibrations, noise transmission, and the risk of machinery movement or instability caused by excessive vibrations.

Aearo Technologies Equipment Mounting Feet Advanced Benefits

Anti-vibration equipment mounts and mounting feet by Aearo provide shock, vibration, and noise control in numerous applications. These high-performance equipment mounts are manufactured from premium materials and optimized for maximum vibration absorption. Benefits of Aearo's industry-leading shock-absorbing mounts include:
  • "Off-The-Shelf solution for vibration damping
  • Highly damped elastomers
  • Designed to perform well in extreme environments
  • Soft and pliable, yet physically strong
  • Good flame resistance
  • Excellent wear resistance and physical integrity
  • Tight tolerances
  • RoHS compliant

Applications for Aearo Vibration Damping Feet & Shock Absorbing Mounts

The exclusive features of Aearo Technologies manufactured vibration damping mounting feet and equipment mount elastomers allow for noise reduction and vibration control in numerous applications. Aearo's shock-absorbing feet are used on precision equipment and instruments in a wide range of industries, including:
  • Electronics: Reduce vibrations in computers, laptops, disk drives, audio equipment, & laboratory instruments
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Equipment: Minimize vibrations in manufacturing machines, pumps, compressors, generators, & industrial robots & industrial equipment
  • Medical Equipment: Decrease vibration in sensitive laboratory equipment and medical devices
  • Furniture & Home Appliances: Prevent vibrations in cabinets, racks, shelves, & home audio equipment
  • Aerospace: Minimize vibrations in aircraft components & sensitive equipment

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Contact us for more information regarding our Aearo shock-absorbing equipment mounts and mounting feet, or request a quote for further pricing details today. As an authorized distributor of Aearo Technologies manufactured products, we can help you find the best anti-vibration elastomer based on your project's exact specifications. Rathbun is your premier resource for advanced quality Aearo Technologies mounting feet and equipment mounts.