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Thermal, Non-Silicone SSD Cooling Solutions

SSDs or solid-sate drives are high-capacity data storage solutions used primarily in computers and other electronic devices. Since SSDs can attract and hold high heat levels, thermal cooling solutions must be implemented into these electronic devices. SSD cooling solutions draw heat away from primary sources and reroute them to heat sinks or other areas designated for heat displacement.

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Premium 3M Thermal Non-Silicone SSD Cooling Solutions

3M is the world’s leader in the production of acrylic thermal non-silicone SSD cooling supplies. When compared to other silicone thermal options, Rathbun’s line of 3M acrylic thermal non-silicone pads, thermal tapes, thermal paste, thermal case, and heat spreading thermal labels are exceedingly cost-effective. Whether you need cooling solutions for 2.5" Case or M.2 SSD’s, 3M non-silicone materials are the right solution for your specific needs. 

SSD Thermal Cooling Solution Options

Rathbun’s 3M Thermal non-silicone cooling material provides an excellent choice for use with SSD’s (Solid State Drives). 3M thermal conductive pads for SSD cooling do not produce silicone particulation, silicone oil bleed, or siloxane gas and can be used in all types of electronic applications. Our line of 3M non-silicone acrylic thermal pads, thermal tapes, and thermal labels are conformable, dielectric, completely safe, and provide a proven long-life span.

Thermal Case Cooling Solutions for 2.5” SSDs

Non-Silicone thermal case materials provide an operative and proper transfer of heat between active thermal components and heat sinks. Thermal pad solutions for 2.5” case drives, in both SATA and NVMe, can vary from a .2mm thick, 3W/m-K, UL-VO conformable thin thermal pad, to a very price-friendly 2W/m-K, up to 3.5W/m-K solution. 

Thermal Cooling Tape for M.2 SSDs

Rathbun’s high-performance non-silicone thermal solution for M.2 SSDs can utilize NVMe or SATA form factor versions. Designed and manufactured by Rathbun, the heat spreading label can be used as both a thermal heat spreading cooler for the SOC and a thermally conductive solution for the Nand without mixing the cooling efforts.

Thermal Paste for M.2 & 2.5” Case SSDs

Compared to other gels and gap-filling materials, Rathbun's Thermal Paste TP10 is a more cost-effective thermal management solution. Thermal paste delivers proven cooling solutions for solid-state drives and other electronic thermal displacement applications.

Thermal Non-Silicone SSD Cooling Material Applications

Proper contact between the pad and the device can be achieved by utilizing a dry, clean, and well-unified surface. The best pre-application treatment chemicals are either rubbing alcohol or heptane, with the ideal application temperature range of 0° to 40° C. Acrylic thermal-based interface pads can be used within a wide range of electronic applications that require heat transfers from a warmer source to a cooler location, these include:
  • Heat sink interface
  • Solid State Drives
  • LED boards
  • IC packaging
  • Gap filling
  • HD TV’s
  • Scan module boards
  • COF chip heat conduction processes

Industries Served by Rathbun’s SSD Cooling Solutions

As a top supplier of SSD Cooling Solutions, customers from a wide range of industrial fields benefit from Rathbun’s cooling solutions. Industries served by Rathbun include:
  • Aerospace & Military
  • Automotive
  • Biotech, Medical, & Healthcare
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Technology & Electronics

Why Choose Rathbun for Your SSD Cooling Solution Needs?

At Rathbun, we value you and your business. We want our working relationship to be one of complete satisfaction. We can cross reference most distributor or manufacturer part numbers, making it quick, easy, and painless to find the right solution for your needs. Advantages of working with Rathbun for your thermal non-silicone SSD cooling solutions, include:
  • More than 50 years of industry experience
  • 3M Preferred Converter
  • Products manufactured in the USA
  • Short lead times

Convenient, Short Lead-Times on All SSD Thermal Cooling Solution Products

As a reminder, Rathbun’s non-silicone acrylic thermal pads, thermal tapes, and thermal heat spreading labels are readily available with short lead times. Our manufacturing process is quick and efficient, equating to shorter project lead times, providing an innovative solution for time-sensitive electronic deadlines.

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