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Aearo Technologies Versadamp line has been discontinued. For more details, click here.

Aearo Technologies Sandwich Mounts

Aearo Technologies LLC thermoset ISOLOSS™ HD and SL elastomer sandwich mounts provide excellent anti-vibration and shock-absorbing capabilities. Aearo Technologies sandwich mounts are ideal for a wide range of applications that require advanced noise reduction and vibration control. Both materials also exhibit high internal damping, excellent resistance to creep and compression, and can be metal-bonded during molding.

Your Source for Vibration Isolation Mounts

As a trusted authorized converter of Aearo Technologies products, we supply commercial and industrial customers with vibration isolation mounts for noise control, and vibration reduction. Contact us online or call 510-661-0950, and we will gladly discuss your project's specification requirements.

Vibration Damping Sandwich Mounts from Aearo Technologies

Excessive vibration can seriously threaten many commercial and industrial processes, resulting in unwanted noise, reduced performance, or even equipment failure. Aearo Technologies' vibration isolation mounts are designed to solve that problem. With industry-leading shock-absorption technology, Aearo's ISOLOSS HD and ISOLOSS SL sandwich mounts feature advanced vibration-damping properties for a wide range of applications.

Aearo Technologies ISOLOSS™ HD Sandwich Mounts

ISOLOSS™ HD elastomers exhibit excellent load-bearing strength, compression-set resistance, and stiffness stability with a recommended maximum continuous operating temperature of 70C (158F). HD elastomers are designed specifically for metal-bonded elastomeric mounts, exhibiting excellent environmental-resistance properties. ISOLOSS™ HD product features include:
  • Anti-Vibration sandwich mounts
  • Shock absorbing
  • Noise control
  • Vibration damping
  • Can be used in a variety of applications

Aearo Technologies ISOLOSS™ SL Sandwich Mounts

ISOLOSS™ SL Thermoset materials combine good damping performance with stable material properties over a broad temperature range. The molding stability of ISOLOSS™ SL materials allows it to be used in isolator and snubber designs with very thin sections. ISOLOSS™ SL product benefits include:
  • Highly damped thermoset molded products
  • RoHS compliant
  • Non-halogenated
  • Durometer availability from 20 to 60 Type A
  • Available in listed UL 94 and non-listed formulations

Why are Vibration Damping Sandwich Mounts Important?

Vibration-damping sandwich mounts play a key role in the longevity of sophisticated equipment. For many industries, shock absorption is essential to create a safe environment, reducing the risk of equipment failure. The exclusive features of Aearo-manufactured vibration damping ISOLOSS™ HD and SL sandwich mounts allow for noise reduction and vibration control in a variety of applications, including:
  • Lab & testing equipment
  • Data Centers
  • Industrial machinery
  • Aircraft components
  • Manufacturing equipment

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