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Aearo Technologies LLC exclusive line of CONFOR™ Polyurethane ergonomic foams provide an exceptional combination of physical attributes, high energy absorption properties, and temperature-softening performance. CONFOR foams are soft and pliable, making them appropriate for various applications. These foams also display a remarkably low compression set for their excessive deadening and low-recoil properties, while performing at 95% energy absorption without bottoming out.

Rathbun provides Aearo Technologies CONFOR™ M foams that deliver the most dependable energy damping properties in the industry and provide flexible protection in a variety of applications requiring shock and impact absorption.

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Aearo Technologies CONFOR™ M Foam Applications

When contacted by a warm surface, CONFOR™ M foam materials become soft and pliable, which allows for an even distribution of pressure while retaining a firm, yet cushioned, support. These properties make them superb for use in a wide range of applications, including:
  • Medical equipment and products
  • Pressure gasketing for irregular surfaces
  • Protective packaging in high-end equipment
  • Body contact padding
  • Electronics packaging

CONFOR™ M Foam Series Features

CONFOR™ M series cellular polyurethane foams display terrific impact absorption, slow recovery properties and high energy absorption. The CONFOR™ M series provides a distinctive blend of physical attributes, shock absorption, cushioning, and temperature-softening performance. The beneficial features of Aearo CONFOR™ M Foam series, includes:
  • Easy to manufacture via die cut, water jet, hot wire
  • Compression of 95% with full recovery
  • Gap filling
  • Constant back pressure with deflection to allow uniform pressure distribution
  • Easily converted – unlimited shapes

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