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Aearo Technologies Versadamp line has been discontinued. For more details, click here.

Aearo Technologies, LLC | A 3M Company

Aearo Technologies LLC, formerly E-A-R, specializes in energy-control technology. Aearo Technologies materials relieve unwanted noise generated by electronic devices, vehicles, and heavy equipment while reducing energy caused by vibrations, thermal energy, and shock.

Rathbun is Your Source for Converted Aearo Materials & Products

Rathbun is an authorized converter and distributor of Aearo Technologies materials. We offer grommetssandwich mountsdamping materials, and much more. At Rathbun, we provide prototypes with the production volumes your application requires. Rathbun is the industry’s trusted supplier for Aearo Technologies LLC. No other independent distributor offers a more extensive selection of Aearo Technologies products.

Contact us online or call (510)661-0950 for more information regarding Aearo’s vibration-damping materials and absorbing foams that we supply. At Rathbun, we have years of experience working with Aearo materials. We work with a wide range of industries to develop the perfect customized Aearo solutions for various applications.

Custom Fabrication for Aearo Noise Damping Materials

Rathbun provides custom fabrication solutions for any Aearo Technologies material, including CONFOR foams, molded materials, damping products, and more. We offer turnkey solutions for the following types of Aearo Technologies materials:

TUFCOTE Noise Damping Foams

TUFCOTE™ sound-absorbing materials are specifically engineered to provide a wide range of applications with noise reduction within a defined space, ranging from equipment cabinetry to automobile cabins. This self-sustaining sound reduction foam can withstand exposure to most fluids, including grease and oils.

Barrier Composites

Aearo Technologies barrier composites products divert and reduce airborne sound waves with their mass. The pliable lead-free constructed barriers offer unique advantages compared to traditionally stiff materials. Barrier composites are tough, flexible, and flame resistant, with excellent physical properties.


CONFOR™ ergonomic foam materials deliver a distinct combination of temperature reactive properties, high energy damping, and physical textures while displaying a remarkably low compression set for their excessive deadening and low-recoil properties.

Isolation & Damping Materials

The numerous damping materials and isolation products manufactured by Aearo Technologies are designed to provide high-performance vibration control under varying temperatures and environmental conditions.

ISOLOSS LS Shock Absorbing Polyurethane Foam

ISOLOSS™ LS foam products offer remarkably low compression sets, impressive resistance to collapse, and good impact absorption and vibration isolation properties. These foams also exhibit excellent dimensional stability and low outgassing with rigid thickness tolerances.

Grommets & Shoulder Bolts

Aearo Technologies grommets provide shock-absorbing and vibration-damping solutions for various applications. Our grommets are designed to perform within a wide range of temperatures while being flexible and physically strong. Aearo’s shoulder bolts are specifically constructed to fit their line of anti-vibration grommets to help control complicated noise, vibration, and shock issues that arise in many applications.

Fan Mounts, Bushings, & Rings

Aearo Technologies fan mounts help control shock, noise, vibration, and motion issues in devices like; computer printers, precision medical equipment, office equipment, and demanding space constraints in miniature drives. Aearo’s bushings and rings are designed to control shock, noise, vibration, and motion issues within challenging space restrictions in small drives, disk drives, printers, medical equipment, and office equipment.

Mounting Feet & Sandwich Mounts

Equipment mounts and mounting feet provide noise control and vibration-damping abilities to soften the noise generated by unwanted energy materials. Aearo Technologies sandwich mounts provide excellent load-bearing strength, compression-set resistance, and stiffness stability over a broad temperature range. They are also designed specifically for use in metal-bonded elastomeric mounts. These elastomers exhibit excellent environmental resistance properties.

The Advantage of Working with Rathbun

Rathbun is an independent distributor and converter of Aearo Technologies materials. We can provide you with the off-the-shelf Aearo products you need while fabricating custom solutions using Aearo materials. We offer turnkey converting services, including die cuttinglaser cuttingslitting, and more.

Get Custom Converted Products for Your Application from Rathbun Associates

We take a hands-on approach to every customer project, providing advanced solutions for challenging technical problems in any industry. Our experienced team understands all facets of the Aearo Technologies product line. We know what materials work best for specific applications. With our specialized service and precision converting capabilities, we fabricate custom Aearo products that meet your unique application and performance requirements.

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