3M Preferred Converter, Authorized Distributor, and Converter of E-A-R products


Rathbun is an authorized converter of E-A-R materials, and no other independent distributor offers a larger selection of E-A-R products. We offer grommets, sandwich mounts, damping materials, and much more, we provide prototype to production volumes you need.
We have more than 30 years’ experience in working with E-A-R’s specialty composite materials. We will work with you to develop the perfect custom E-A-R solution for your unique application.

The Rathbun Advantage

We are not only the largest independent distributor and converter of E-A-R materials, we’re also the best. We can provide the off-the-shelf E-A-R products you need, no problem, but our real expertise lies in fabricating custom solutions using E-A-R materials. We offer complete, turnkey converting services, including die cutting, laser cutting, slitting, kitting, and more.
We take a hands-on approach to every customer project, and provide technical solutions to your challenging technical problems. We are the E-A-R experts, with an experienced team that knows these products and materials front to back. We know what works for a specific application, what doesn’t, and why. Our specialized, customized service and precision converting capabilities enable us to fabricate custom E-A-R products that meet your unique application and performance requirements.
If you have a fully-realized CAD design for your parts, if you know what you need to do but don’t quite know how, or if you fall somewhere in between, Rathbun is the partner you need. From prototyping to the final, finished product, we deliver custom E-A-R solutions in hours, not weeks.

Contact Us for Custom E-A-R Solutions for Your Application

If you need custom fabricated E-A-R materials, Rathbun is the only name you need to know. Request a quote on custom E-A-R solutions, or contact us to discuss your project.