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3M™ Antimicrobial Protective Film

Renowned and highly durable protective 3M™ films provide enhanced antimicrobial properties for any type of substrate surface. The 3M™ film’s patented design resists the growth of bacteria, fungi, mildew, and other harmful substances, providing superior surface protection for all types of applications that support enhanced cleanliness.

Rathbun is an exclusive provider of dependable 3M™ antimicrobial film products. Our antimicrobial 3M™ durable film products are thin, transparent, and can be added to any type of substrate for safer and healthier commonplaces and work environments.

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Protective 3M Antimicrobial Film Options

Rathbun’s 3M™ protective film products provide lasting protection for surfaces in high-touch environments. Silver ion technology 3M™ film utilizes a high clarity PET and hard coat that preserves the look of your surface and readability of content and imagery. Available 3M™ protective film options include the following.

3M™ 7750AM Protective Film

3M™ 7750AM antimicrobial film is manufactured with a PERMANENT adhesive and provides good wet-out, clarity and does not transition to yellow when exposed to UV light. This product is formulated with an EPA-registered antimicrobial agent and is often used as a design-in option for surfaces.
Common flat surface applications include:
  • Door handles
  • Tabletops
  • Countertops

3M™ 7760AM Protective Film

3M™ 7760AM antimicrobial film is manufactured with a REMOVABLE adhesive, provides excellent UV light resistance, and allows for long term adhesion with clean removability. This product is formulated with an EPA-registered antimicrobial agent and is often used as removable protection to retrofit existing equipment or furniture. Flat surface applications for 7760AM protective film include:
  • Touch screens
  • Credit card readers

Durable 3M™ Antimicrobial Protective Film Features

Highly durable 3M™ antimicrobial film utilizes silver ion technology, which prevents the growth and spread of bacteria, mold, and other biological contaminants. This extremely durable hardcoat is designed to handle routine cleanings, resists various common cleaning products such as bleach, isopropanol, hydrogen peroxide, and provides lasting protection for exteriors in high-touch environments. 

Effective 3M™ antimicrobial film features include:
  • Reduces the spread of bacteria
  • Protects surfaces from contaminants
  • Water-resistant design
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art silver ion technology
  • Non-toxic formulation
  • Highly durable

Protective 3M™ Antimicrobial Film Applications

Designed and manufactured in the USA, 3MTM Durable Protective Films enhances surfaces and features 3MTM adhesive technology for short-term and long-term applications. Its patented design allows 3M™ protective films to be used for substrate applications that span a broad range of industries including:
  • Medical
  • Food and beverage
  • Technology
  • HVAC
  • Schools
  • Public and private buildings

Why Choose Rathbun for your 3M™ Antimicrobial Film Needs?

Rathbun is committed to excellence and to providing only the highest quality products. Our standard and custom solutions are manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment in controlled environments to ensure precision and repeatability. Our dependable 3M™ protective films are stringently tested to ensure that it meets or exceeds your functional, dimensional, and environmental tolerances and complies with all applicable industrial or federal regulations.

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Reach out to one of our 3M™ antimicrobial film experts to learn more about the ways this line of protective films can increase the safety of your applications, or request a quote for direct pricing today. Rathbun is your trusted source for durable and dependable 3M™ antimicrobial protective films.