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Slitting & Rewinding

During rewind slitting, the master roll is unwound and fed through a press which slits the material to narrower widths before rewinding it onto smaller, workable rolls. Often paired with kiss cutting or rotary die cutting to produce high-quality results, slitting and rewinding is a cost-effective method to create precision products to spec. 
Rathbun is proud to be your reliable source for slitting and rewinding solutions. As a family-owned and operated converter and distributor, your satisfaction is always our top priority. We personalize our service and slitting solutions to match the needs of your specific order. If we don't have the materials you require, let us know. We can source the material you need to complete your production.

Precision Slitting & Rewinding Capabilities

Rathbun has extensive slitting capabilities, from slit rewind functions to baloney slitting. Our highly skilled technicians are dedicated to meeting every specification on any application. We value you and your business and provide quick turnaround times and faster communications on every order. Discover how Rathbun can support your production needs today!

Best Materials for Precision Slitting & Rewinding

Our capabilities and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to work with most materials. We often use slitting and rewinding solutions to slit:Thicker materials are more challenging to slit and may require a different converting service. We work closely with you to ensure you select the best material for your precision slitting solution. It is common for Rathbun to cut customer-supplied material in prototype development and full-scale production volumes.

Baloney Roll Slitting Services

Baloney slitting also called log slitting, is a shearing process that converts a large master roll into narrow rolls by driving a rotating blade into the rotating log. Once the material is completely slit through the supporting 3" core, the spools are removed from the mandrel. Precision baloney slitting can be used for materials with or without adhesive backing. We can work with any material up to 72" in width.

Precision Slitting Solutions for Industrial Applications

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Rathbun is prepared to meet any industry's specifications, demands, or guidelines. We can provide slitting and rewinding solutions for:
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial
  • Audio
  • And many other applications! 

Choose Rathbun for Precision Slitting Services & Rewinding Solutions

Rathbun is here to solve any problem every time. We offer fast turnaround times and exemplary customer service. Our phones are always answered by real people dedicated to finding the best solution for your specific inquiry. We work diligently to provide quality, increase value, and offer the best converting services. 
Contact us to learn more about our converting services, precision slitting solutions, and other high-performing capabilities. Request a quote to begin your order. Our customer service team will be in touch as soon as possible.