3M Preferred Converter, Authorized Distributor, and Converter of E-A-R products

Slitting and Rewinding

We have extensive slitting capabilities from Slit Rewind functions to Baloney Slitting (up to 72” in width).
During Rewind Slitting, the master roll is unwound and fed through a press which slits the material to narrower widths before rewinding it onto smaller, workable rolls.
Log Slitting, also known as Baloney Slitting, is a shearing process that converts a large master roll into narrow rolls by driving a rotating blade into the rotating log. Once the material is completely slit through the supporting three inch core, the spools are removed from the mandrel. This process can be used for materials with or without adhesive backing.
Custom Cutting of Customer Supplied Materials
We understand how to cut a very wide range of materials. It is very common for Rathbun to cut customer-supplied material in prototype development and full-scale production volumes.