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Sound Barriers & Barrier Absorber Composites

Generally, one of the most effective ways in regulating noise that is transmitted through the air is to utilize a sound barrier between a source of noise and a receiver. Specifically engineered to suit the physical and performance needs of just about any application, Aearo Technologies LLC manufactures a line of TUFCOTE™ sound barriers and barrier composites that provide superb sound absorption, easy installation, and are offered in a wide range of standard and custom designs.

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Aearo Technologies TUFCOTE™ Sound Barriers & Barrier Composites Applications

Aearo Technologies TUFCOTE™ Barrier materials block and contain airborne acoustic waves by means of their mass. Barrier and barrier absorber composites combine the sound absorption properties of TUFCOTE™ acoustical foams with sound barrier properties of TUFCOTE™ barrier materials to deliver extremely efficient noise control and installation efficiency in a wide range of applications. TUFCOTE™ sound barriers and barrier composites applications include:
  • Heavy equipment
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Engine fire walls
  • Vehicle floormats
  • Cabinets and machinery housings
  • Equipment enclosures
  • Generator covers

Aearo Technologies TUFCOTE™ Barriers & Barrier Composites Features

Aearo Technologies S barrier and barrier absorber composites feature TUFCOTE™ acoustical foam bound to either one or both sides of these flexible barriers. Offered in either two- or three-layer forms, these barrier materials exhibit outstanding noise transmission loss and sound absorbing characteristics, while remaining remarkably simple to install. Some distinctive features of TUFCOTE™ sound barriers include:
  • Flexible, effortless to cut and apply
  • Flame resistant
  • Perfect for high-demand settings  
  • Wide variety of configurations available
  • Available in composite forms with acoustical foams
  • Superb transmission loss performance
  • Barriers constructed from loaded vinyl or urethane; no lead utilized
  • Available in a variety of facings

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