3M Preferred Converter, Authorized Distributor, and Converter of Aearo Technologies LLC products

Damping and Isolation Services

Do you need custom damping and isolation solutions for your products or equipment? Rathbun is your solution. At Rathbun, we work closely with our customers to solve their vibration and noise issues using proprietary materials developed by Aearo Technologies LLC. We offer custom molded products, custom die-cut, and off-the-shelf parts to solve common and complex vibration and noise issues. Whatever your application, Rathbun will work with you to find the best damping and isolation solution for your requirements.

Damping & Isolation Services at Rathbun

Rathbun isn't just a product distributor; we're problem solvers dedicated to crafting custom solutions that meet your unique needs. With our industry-leading converting services, we convert products from trusted manufacturers like Aearo Technologies LLC to tackle even the most complex challenges, from small hums in electronics to loud vibrations in machinery equipment. From custom-molded and die-cut products precisely crafted for your application to large-quantity orders of standard products, Rathbun is your source for innovative solutions.

Damping & Isolation for Electronics, Precision Equipment, OEMs, & More

Customers in a wide range of industrial contexts rely on Rathbun's damping and isolation solutions for their vibration control needs. We supply custom die-cut vibration isolation gaskets, flanges, mounts, grommets, and other damping products for nearly any application. With sample and prototype options available, you can count on Rathbun to help you get the best damping and isolation services for your industry. Industries we serve include:
  • Electronics
  • Precision Equipment
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Automotive Components
  • OEM Products
  • And more

Extensive On-Hand Inventory for Fast Order Turnaround

We maintain a wide selection of in-stock damping and isolation products so we can process your custom orders quickly. We have access to custom-die-cut vibration isolation gaskets, flanges, mounts, grommets, and more. When you choose Rathbun for your damping and isolation services, you can trust you'll receive uncompromising quality with minimal turnaround time on your orders.

Laboratory Access for Comprehensive Testing

At Rathbun, we utilize Aearo Technologies' state-of-the-art acoustic laboratory for vibration, acoustics, and shock analysis. Our custom products are thoroughly tested to ensure ultimate performance for your unique application.

Contact Us for Custom Damping & Isolation Services

Contact us to learn how we can provide custom damping and isolation services for your application. For pricing estimates on your specific project needs, request a quote online. Whether you require meticulously molded components, intricate die-cut parts, or readily available options, we work closely with you to find the best damping and isolation materials for your application. Choose Rathbun to solve your vibration and noise issues.