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ISOLOSS™ LS Polyurethane Foam

ISOLOSS LS foam is a value-driven alternative to PORON foam. Manufactured by Aearo Technologies LLC, polyurethane ISOLOSS LS foams offer remarkably low compression sets and impressive resistance to collapse. Aearo’s damping foams also display good impact absorption and vibration isolation properties, excellent dimensional stability, and low outgassing.

Rathbun is your go-to supplier of specialty solutions. These durable and high-performing polyurethane vibration-damping foams are an excellent equivalent to PORON products offered at competitive prices. We provide multiple densities and thicknesses in roll format for efficient converting. To find the best specialty foam solution for your application, browse our available ISOLOSS LS foam options today!

Why Choose Rathbun’s ISOLOSS LS Foam Specialty Solutions?

Rathbun's converting services are ideal for cutting ISOLOSS LS foam into any shape, size, or other specification. These polyurethane foam products are suitable for managing demanding tolerances and mount problems. ISOLOSS LS foam is in stock and ready to ship in roll or sheet form!

Specifications & Configurations for Polyurethane Damping Foam

In addition to their lightweight and flexible properties, ISOLOSS LS foam products are durable and have controlled compression properties, providing a unique combination of design features for mechanical energy control. Other benefits and specifications are:
  • Chemical resistance
  • Flame resistance
  • Consistent force-deflection
  • Easy fabrication
  • Broad service temperature ranges
  • Excellent internal strength
  • RoHS Directive 2015/863/EU compliant
  • And more!
ISOLOSS LS foam can also be purchased with pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA). Because of Rathbun’s role as a 3M converter, virtually any PSA needed can be applied, so you don’t have to settle for “standard” PSA.

Vibration-Damping Polyurethane Foam for Any Industrial Application

The distinct combinations of micro-cellular, low compression-set, high-density polyurethane ISOLOSS LS foams can be configured for an extensive number of applications, such as:
  • Flexible gasket and gap filling
  • Securing medical equipment
  • Bumpers and footpads
  • Cushioning and sealing larger LCDs
  • And many other applications!

High-Quality PORON Polyurethane Foam Alternatives from a Reliable 3M Converter

Rathbun is a trusted converter and supplier of vibration-damping polyurethane foam. We value you and your business, and your complete satisfaction is always our top goal. No matter your dimension demands, order volume, or budget requirements, we offer a wide variety of PORON-alternative polyurethane foam options to fit your specifications. Explore our selection of ISOLOSS LS foam today!

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