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Lamination Services

Lamination is a manufacturing process used to bond multiple layers of unlike materials together to create a composite product. The most common use is the lamination of pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) to one side of a material. Lamination is the primary step before producing gaskets or other components with a PSA backing. Lamination services are ideal for orders of any size, supporting small to large volume productions.

As an experienced converter, Rathbun is ready to fulfill any industrial specification or requirement. We manufacture in the USA and convert products to meet your needs. We offer fast turnarounds, competitive prices, and the industry’s best customer service. Call 510-661-0950 to learn more about how Rathbun can take your lamination services to the next level.

Lamination Capabilities

Lamination is generally achieved by applying heat to the PSA before permanently bonding the two substrates together. At Rathbun, we are capable of hot/cold lamination up to 60” in width. We work with you from start to finish during your lamination services and can produce first articles, assist in prototype development, and more.

Industrial Lamination for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives & Other Materials

Rathbun is dedicated to providing your complete satisfaction through our advanced and accurate lamination services. To meet any requirement in every order, we laminate a wide range of PSAs to many materials:We understand how to cut an extensive range of materials. It is common for Rathbun to cut customer-supplied material in prototype development and full-scale production volumes.

Converting Services Commonly Paired with Lamination

Lamination services are often paired with other converting capabilities to produce high-performing results that meet specifications. These services include:
  • Rotary Cutting. Lamination is achieved as an inline setup during the manufacturing of rotary cut parts used in many industries, including medical and healthcare, aerospace, military, and more.
  • Die Cutting. As with rotary cutting, lamination is incorporated into die cutting before cutting occurs through an inline hot/cold process.
  • Slitting and Rewinding. Lamination services are constrained by the size of the material. Slitting and rewinding processes provide an ideal converting alternative for larger substrates.
All converting services are carried out on state-of-the-art equipment. We continually strive to improve our processes to increase your value.

Rathbun: Your Top Provider of High-Quality Industrial Lamination Services

Rathbun is committed to providing excellent products, expert converting services, and the industry’s best customer service. You will always speak directly to one of our USA-based representatives when you call us. Contact us today to learn more about our lamination services or other industrial converting capabilities. Request a quote to begin your order. An expert member of our service team will be in touch as soon as possible to find your best solution.