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TUFCOTE™ Sound Absorbing Foam Materials

Aearo Technologies LLC TUFCOTE™ acoustical absorbing foams are useful in applications where noise reduction is desired. Aearo Technologies TUFCOTE™ sound absorbing foams provide industry leading airborne noise absorption with proven reliability and toughness.

Aearo has developed this exclusive line to meet the demands of specific markets where sound insulation is required. TUFCOTE™ foam products are produced in multiple forms including; rolls, sheets, and custom die-cut parts. Material is available with or without PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) and vary in thickness from 0.25” to 2”. These tough urethane foams can be installed with ease and are offered in an assortment of protective facings.

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Sound Damping Foam Applications

TUFCOTE™ acoustical absorbing foams have been engineered to be useful in numerous applications related to noise reduction within a defined space, ranging from equipment cabinetry to automobile cabins. Additional applications that benefit from TUFCOTE™ sound reduction foams, include:
  • Industrial enclosure
  • Medical equipment
  • Transport equipment
  • Engine bays
  • Locomotives/rail car
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Marine
  • Appliances

Absorbing Foams Manufacturing Process

TUFCOTE™ foams are manufactured utilizing a thin sheet casting process. This process chemically adheres the foams to a range of film facings or to damping and barrier materials, to form combined composite products in a one-step process. The proprietary manufacturing process chemically bonds the facing, adhesive and foam to resist delamination that can occur in other processes. TUFCOTE™ sound absorbing foam materials stand up to the demanding temperature extremes from the arctic cold to desert heat.

Sound Reduction Foam Advantages

TUFCOTE™ custom film facings are manufactured with an open cell design that is optimized to reduce sound signatures to manageable levels, even from industrial equipment in commercial appliances or enclosures for heavy machinery. Additional TUFCOTE™ features and benefits include:
  • Self-sustaining sound reduction foams can withstand exposure to most fluids, including grease and oils.
  • H-Series foam products offer additional flame-retardant properties.
  • E-Series foams are engineered for general OEM applications.
  • Foam products can be paired with TUFCOTE™ barriers, PSA backing, and a multitude of functional facings.
  • Custom film facings provide advanced fluid protection.
  • Easy to cut and safe to handle.
  • PSA eliminates the need for secondary attachments.

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