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Shoulder Bolts

Aearo Technologies Shoulder Bolts are manufactured to fit Aearo's line of anti-vibration grommets. Combining Aearo's shoulder bolts and anti-vibration grommets allows for enhanced control of noise, vibration, and shock concerns in many applications. Aearo Technologies Shoulder Bolts come in various sizes and are easy to install.

At Rathbun, we provide top-of-the-line Aearo Technologies low carbon steel shoulder bolts that fit Aearo’s line of anti-vibration grommets to control unwanted noise, vibration, and shock issues that are problematic for numerous electronic applications. Contact us for more information regarding Aearo shoulder bolts or call us at 510-661-0950 and we will gladly answer any questions that you may have. Rathbun is your trusted source for Aearo Technologies products.

Low Carbon Steel Shoulder Bolts at Rathbun

Shoulder bolts are fasteners featuring an unthreaded cylinder-shaped shoulder section between the head and the threaded portion of the shaft. The shoulder has a larger diameter than the threaded portion and serves as a precise bearing surface or reference point. The threaded section of the bolt allows for attachment to another component or object.

The primary purpose of a shoulder bolt is to provide precise alignment, control, and spacing in mechanical assemblies. The shoulder portion acts as a stop or guide, ensuring accurate positioning and preventing over-insertion or under-insertion of the bolt. This unique design makes them suitable for alignment, rotation, or axial movement applications.

Advantages of Aearo Technologies' Shoulder Bolts

Aearo Technologies shoulder bolts are specifically designed to fit Aearo's anti-vibration grommets. Like standard shoulder bolts, these specialized shoulder bolts comprise three primary areas: head, unthreaded shoulder, and threaded shaft. The head has the largest measurement, the shoulder of the bolt is measured by its distance across and length, and the thread has a prominent width with a diameter slightly smaller than the shoulder. Additional carbon steel shoulder bolt beneficial features include:
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Lead-Free
  • Explicitly designed for Aearo grommets, ensuring a secure fit
  • Helps reduce vibration issues when paired with Aearo Technologies grommets
  • Low-carbon steel bolts
  • Phillips drive type

Aearo Technologies Shoulder Bolt Applications

Aearo Technologies-manufactured low carbon steel shoulder bolts are available in various sizes and are easy to install when paired with Aearo Technologies anti-vibration grommets. Aearo shoulder bolts are paired with anti-vibration grommets to reduce user noise, vibration, and shock issues in many industries, including technology manufacturing, medical & biotech, aerospace, automotive, and more. Specific applications for low carbon steel shoulder bolts include:
  • Electronics
  • CPU disk drives
  • Small-scale drives
  • Fans
  • Switches
  • Laptops

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