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3M Electrically Conductive Tapes

3M™ Electrically Conductive Tapes are clean, easy-to-use tapes that provide adhesion and electrical conductivity. These innovative tapes are used in a wide range of devices and applications, including PCBs and other electronics. Electrically conductive tapes also provide EMI shielding and grounding, enabling devices to meet electromagnetic compatibility requirements. Engineered with high-quality materials, 3M electrically conductive tape offers reliable performance even in demanding environments.

Order Standard or Customized 3M Electrically Conductive Tape

Rathbun is a distributor and preferred converter of 3M electrically conductive tape and other products. Using our in-house die-cutting capabilities, we provide customers with customized 3M tapes to fit any industrial applicationContact us to learn how Rathbun can provide custom-tailored 3M electrically conductive tape for your project's requirements.

What is Electrically Conductive Tape?

Electrically conductive adhesive transfer tape, or ECATT, features metal particles within its fibers to facilitate electrical conductivity. The tape can carry electric signals through its adhesive, replacing the need for thermal glue or other messy alternatives. At Rathtbun, we convert 3M electrically conductive adhesive transfer tape to meet strict technical applications. Unlike other electrically conductive adhesives that can be difficult to handle, 3M electrically conductive adhesive transfer tapes are pressure-sensitive, conformable, and easy to use. They can be hand or machine-applied and die-cut into various shapes and sizes.

Advantages of 3M Electrically Conductive Tape

  • Facilitate electrical conductivity
  • Blocks unwanted electromagnetic radiation emissions (EMI)
  • Easy to apply by hand or machine
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive is offered in a variety of bond strengths
  • Conformable
  • Easy to die-cut into an assortment of shapes and sizes

Industrial Applications for 3M Electrically Conductive Adhesive Tape

Manufacturers and industrial customers rely on Rathbun to supply their electrically conductive adhesive tapes for various applications. With Rathbun's die-cut capabilities, these tapes can be modified and converted for seamless attachment, providing excellent electrical performance. Specific applications for 3M electronically conductive adhesive tapes include:
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Medical & Electromedical Devices
  • Solar Cell Fabrication
  • Conductive Gaskets
  • Wearable Sensors

Your Trusted Distributor & Converter of 3M Electrically Conductive Tape & More

3M products are known for their advanced engineering and innovative solutions. At Rathbun, we provide consumer, commercial, and industrial customers with custom 3M products converted for their unique, specialized requirements. In addition to electrically conductive adhesive tapes, 3M bonding tapes we convert include:

Custom Solutions for 3M, Aearo Technologies, & Laird Products

In addition to 3M products, we distribute high-performance resources from Aearo Technologies and Laird. From advanced sound-absorbing foams to thermal interface materials, Rathbun is your source for innovative solutions and converting services for products from top manufacturers.

Contact Us to Learn How We Can Supply Your Electrically Conductive Tape

If you need electrically conductive tape cut to specific dimensions, Rathbun has you covered. Visit Rathbun's converting services to learn more, or contact us, and our sales team will be happy to assist you. For pricing information on special orders, request a quote online.

Need other converted 3M products? Explore our full line of 3M resources, including antimicrobial film, thermal solutions, EMI products, and more. For innovative specialty solutions and personalized service, choose Rathbun.