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Acoustical Absorbers

Rathbun offers various materials to mitigate unwanted noise. Using various sound-absorbing foams, acoustical barriers, and acoustical foam/barrier composites, we can work with you to choose the right product to solve your unwanted noise issues. With Rathbun's converting services, Acoustical Absorbers and Barrier Composites can be die-cut to meet the specific sizes required for your application.

What Are Acoustical Absorbing Foams and How Do They Work?

Acoustic absorbers are made from sound-absorbing foam designed to dampen unwanted noise. These acoustic foams are made from open-cell acoustic material that eliminates acoustic waves as they come in contact with the foam. When applied in a component, machine, or device, these foams create an acoustical barrier that significantly reduces sound wave reverberation. By integrating acoustic foams, manufacturers can create a quieter, more controlled environment while absorbing acoustic waves.

Benefits of Using Acoustical Absorbers for Sound Control

Acoustic absorbing foams offer several advanced benefits for OEMs and industrial applications. Whether integrated into an OEM product or applied to loud machinery in an industrial environment, these materials eliminate noise that can be distracting or harmful. In some cases, excessive noise can even become unsafe when exposed for extended periods. Acoustical barriers' exceptional absorbing properties are specifically designed to solve that problem. Additional benefits of using acoustic foams to absorb unwanted sound include:
  • Enhanced customer perception
  • Improve operator alertness and awareness
  • Increase general productivity within the workplace by reducing distracting noise

Industrial Applications for Sound Absorbing Foams

Many industries rely on acoustic foams to provide sound absorption, including electronics manufacturing, precision industrial equipment, automotive manufacturing, renewable energy, and more. Industrial products and machinery that use our converted sound-absorbing foams include:
  • Engine enclosures
  • Operator cabs
  • Heavy equipment
  • Medical devices
  • OEM Products

Why Choose Rathbun for Your Sound Absorbing Foam Needs?

At Rathbun, we offer custom converting services for a wide range of innovative products. In addition to our high-performance acoustical absorbing foams, we supply commercial and industrial customers with barriers & composites, grommets, fan mounts, and other damping materials from Aearo Technologies. When you choose Rathbun to supply your custom acoustical absorbers and damping materials, you can count on:
  • A wide range of high-performance materials readily in stock
  • Personalized service and consultation to best understand your unique application requirements
  • Custom die-cut parts to meet your specifications
  • Sample and prototype options
  • State-of-the-art laboratory for acoustics, vibration, and shock analysis

Contact Us for Sound Absorbing Acoustic Foam Solutions

Looking to order acoustical absorbers for your application? Contact us to learn how we can provide custom acoustical absorbing foams, acoustical barriers, and acoustical foam/barrier composite materials to solve your noise issues. For pricing estimates on your unique project, request a quote online. Rathbun is your one-stop source for custom converting services for your sound-absorbing foam needs.