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Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary Die Cutting offers many advantages:
  • Rotary die cutting uses a cylindrical die and a rotary press.
  • The dies are generally solid metal engraved tools.
  • Rolls of material are woven through the press, which cuts complex designs.
  • Rotary Die Cutting is a great method for cutting parts that require high volume and extremely close tolerances.
  • Impressions are consistent and repeatable using single machined rotary tooling. Unlike Steel Rule Dies, the blades will not move during the cutting process.
  • Multiple Rotary Die Stations can be incorporated in-line to laminate adhesives to substrates before reaching the cutting process.
  • Rotary Die Cutting can also include Kiss-Cutting, Through Cutting, Scoring, and Perforated Cutting.
  • The only limitations with Rotary Cutting are the thickness and width of the materials used.
  • Finished parts can be produced in roll form or individually loose cut.
Custom Cutting of Customer Supplied Materials
We understand how to cut a very wide range of materials. It is very common for Rathbun to cut customer-supplied material in prototype development and full-scale production volumes.