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Custom Rotary Die-Cutting Services

A specialized form of die-cutting, rotary die cutting uses a cylindrical die and a rotary press to cut complex designs with extremely close tolerances in high-volume production runs. The machine moves your material in a circular motion. At the same time, the blade cuts out the specified shape around the cylinder to create precision cuts, repeatable results, and high-quality final products.
Rathbun is your go-to source for the industry’s best custom rotary die-cutting services. We deliver precise rotary die cutting with quick turnaround times on every order. Finished parts are configured in our USA facilities to meet your specifications and can be produced in roll form or individually loose cut. Learn more about our custom rotary die-cutting capabilities today!

Rotary Die-Cutting Capabilities

Your satisfaction is Rathbun’s top priority. Rotary die-cutting is ideal for producing a wide range of custom components, including, but not limited to:
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesives
  • Thin gaskets
  • Thin metal foils
Custom rotary die cutting is only limited by the material’s width and thickness, and it is well-suited to cutting any material .06” or less. Thicker materials will require a different converting service.

Rotary Die-Cutting Advantages & Processes

Unlike steel rule dies, rotary die-cutting blades do not move during the cutting process, creating consistent and repeatable impressions using single machined rotary tooling. Multiple rotary die stations can be incorporated in-line to laminate adhesives to substrates before reaching the cutting process. Rotary die cutting can also include kiss cutting, through cutting, scoring, and perforated cutting to meet the needs of your application.
While rotary die cutting can come with higher operational costs than other methods, the high-volume capacity, versatility, and efficiency of this process make up for the additional price.

Available Materials for Custom Rotary Die Cutting

We understand how to cut a wide variety of materials. Our custom rotary die-cutting material capabilities include:It is common for Rathbun to cut customer-supplied material in prototype development and full-scale production volumes. Our experts will work closely with you no matter what material you require to find the best custom rotary die-cutting solution.

Rotary Die-Cutting Services to Meet Your Industry’s Specifications

Custom rotary die-cutting services are used throughout virtually every industry. As a preferred 3M™ converter, Rathbun has had the privilege to offer precision die cutting to many sectors:
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Aerospace
  • Military and defense
  • And many others!

Your Reliable Provider of High-Quality Custom Rotary Die Cutting

Rathbun is a trusted converter and distributor of products manufactured by top manufacturers, including Aearo Technologies (previously E-A-R), 3M, and many others. As a family-owned and operated business, we are dedicated to supplying you with dependable start-to-finish services, innovative products, and the best customer service. If custom rotary die-cutting does not work for your production, we also offer:Contact us today to learn more about Rathbun’s commitment to providing USA-manufactured products and high-quality rotary die-cutting solutions on every order. Request a quote to start your process. Our highly trained representatives will be in contact as soon as possible.