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Precision Die-Cutting Services

Die-cutting is an efficient and versatile converting process designed to quickly and accurately cut identical shapes from various materials using a steel rule die on a die-cut press. Simple or complex designs are produced by utilizing this highly repeatable procedure. Die-cutting is a cost-effective operation, and projects are quickly prototyped before production at a reasonable cost to save you time, stress, and resources.
Rathbun’s die-cutting and other converting services are developed with your satisfaction in mind. From initial quotes to material selection to final delivery, our team works closely with yours to ensure your sample, prototype, or production matches every specification.

Die-Cutting Capabilities

Rathbun has many innovative fabrication techniques available to improve quality, throughput, and competitive pricing on every order. Our standard die-cutting is typically used for thicker materials and lower-volume production runs. Die-cutting ranges from very small steel rule dies to as large as 36” wide by 80” long.

Precision Die Cutting for Non-Metallic Materials

Rathbun has the capabilities and expertise to manufacture virtually all non-metallic materials in sheet or roll form. We are prepared to provide die-cutting services for:
It is customary for us to cut customer-supplied material in prototype development and full-scale production volumes. Our expert machinists partner with your team to secure start-to-finish service, meeting your material specifications and requirements.

State-of-the-Art Die-Cutting Equipment & Processes

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Rathbun can support most production needs. We ensure that the best precision die-cutting equipment and processes are selected to meet your application’s demands.
  • Traveling Head Die Cutting Machines incorporate an inline hot/cold lamination process, should pressure-sensitive adhesives be required before converting, and are ideal for manufacturing gaskets, medical supplies, caps, stickers, and more. This equipment assures excellent accuracy for precision parts.
  • Clicker Presses are commonly used to produce gaskets and other precision components. They are often utilized to cut simple shapes from non-rigid materials such as fabrics, leather, cork, foam, and others.

Contact Rathbun for Precision Die-Cutting & Converting Services

Rathbun is your full-service partner for converting raw materials into finished precision parts. Many industries take advantage of custom die-cutting services. Some examples of die-cut applications for various industries include Industrial, Automotive, Medical, Electronics, and many, many others. As a 3M preferred converter, you can rest assured that we keep quality, value, and your complete satisfaction at the center of everything we do. When you call Rathbun, you always speak directly to a real person. We will go the extra mile to guarantee that our converting services meet your specifications and exceed your expectations. In addition to precision die-cutting, we offer:
Contact us to learn how precision die-cutting or our additional converting services can support your production. Request a quote to begin your order. One of our highly trained representatives will be in touch with you shortly.