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ISOLOSS™ LS High Density Shock Absorbing Foams

ISOLOSS LS high-density, fine-celled polyurethane foam products from E-A-R are extremely lightweight, flexible, durable and resilient. These foams are an excellent PORON alternative, offering unique combinations of design features for difficult mechanical energy control problems. They display very low compression set and exceptional resistance to collapse, as well as good impact and vibration absorption.

Rathbun is a preferred 3M™ converter company with custom die-cutting services for polyurethane vibration-damping foams. We provide our converters ISOLOSS LS foam materials in either roll or sheet form, with low MOQs and short lead times. Our experienced sales team will work closely with you to determine the best foam material grade, thickness, and other specification for your application. Engineering sizes, custom slitting, and PSA application are also available.

If you are unsure which specification of vibration-damping ISOLOSS LS foam is best for your planned use, contact us or call 510-661-0950 today. Our expert team will discuss your needs and identify the product and service that suits your application.

Available Specifications for ISOLOSS LS Vibration-Damping Foam

With a 54” wide material web that provides efficient parts for converting, PORON alternative ISOLOSS LS foam is available in multiple configurations. Our E-A-R ISOLOSS LS foam rolls vary in length based on thickness and are supplied with a removable liner on one side.

LS-10XXLM Polyurethane Vibration-Damping Foams

Material grade LS-10XXLM foams meet sealing test standards for UL 50, UL 508, and UL 514B. They feature a tensile strength of 496 kPa (72 PSI). Other features include:
  • Thicknesses from .06” to .50”
  • Dimensions from 10” X 10” to 54” X 300FT
  • 160 kg/m3 (10lbs/ft3) density

LS-15xx ISOLOSS LS High-Density Foams

LS-15xx ISOLOSS LS high-density vibration-damping foams are RoHS Directive 2015/863/EU Compliant and feature normal operating temperatures from -40C to 107C (-40F to 225F).
  • Thicknesses from .06” to .50”
  • Dimensions from 10” X 10” to 54” X 300FT
  • 240 kg/m3 (15lbs/ft3) density

LS-20xx Shock-Absorbing Polyurethane Foams

Featuring excellent corrosion resistance and passable cold flexibility, LS-20xx material-grade vibration-damping foams have a tensile strength of 756 kPa (110 PSI) and low outgassing.
  • Thicknesses from .03” to .25”
  • Dimensions from 10” X 10” to 54” X 300FT
  • 320 kg/m3 (20lbs/ft3) density

LS-25xx ISOLOSS LS Foams

LS-25xx material grade ISOLOSS LS foams offer effective vibration isolation with high internal strength and good resistance to chemicals and flames. Normal operating temperatures range from -40C to 107C (-40F to 225F).
  • Thicknesses from .032” to .25”
  • Dimensions from 10” X 10” to 54” X 300FT
  • 400 kg/m3 (25lbs/ft3) density

The Best Polyurethane PORON Foam Alternative on the Market

Rathbun keeps you, your business, and your success at the center of everything we do. We offer a range of converting services for ISOLOSS foams and other specialty solutions to meet the needs of any application, and we are dedicated to providing the industry’s best customer service. When you call us, you will always speak to a real person who is highly trained and ready to assist you with hands-on expertise and a vast inventory of polyurethane foam materials.

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