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ISOLOSS™ high density, fine-celled, polyurethane foam products are extremely lightweight, flexible, durable, and resilient, offering unique combinations of design features for difficult mechanical energy control problems. ISOLOSS™ LS foam products display very low compression set and exceptional resistance to collapse, as well as good impact and vibration absorption. These high impact absorbing foams also exhibit excellent dimensional stability and low outgassing, with rigid thickness tolerances. 

High density ISOLOSS™ LS foam products are perfect for managing difficult tolerances and mount problems from medical equipment, to gaskets and mounts. ISOLOSS™ LS foams provide excellent shock control and cushioning, yet are durable enough for gasketing, padding and sealing applications.

Supporting Converter Needs

At Rathbun, we provide our converters ISOLOSS™ LS foam materials in either roll or sheet form, with low MOQ’s and short lead times. Our experienced sales team can help you determine the best thickness for your application. Engineering sizes are also available for purchase for testing. Custom slitting and PSA application is also offered.


Contact us for more information regarding our low compression and lightweight ISOLOSS™ high-density polyurethane foam products or call us at 510-661-0950 and we will assist you with any questions that you may have regarding all-purpose E-A-R™  ISOLOSS™ impact-absorbing foam materials.

ISOLOSS™ Value Proposition

High-density ISOLOSS™ LS materials are all-purpose polyurethane foams. They offer many beneficial characteristics such as a low compression set, high durability, and a broad operating temperature range. ISOLOSS™ is specifically designed to outperform in a variety of markets and applications. ISOLOSS™ Foams are available in a wide range of densities and thicknesses to ensure a tailored solution for any application.

E-A-R™ High-Density Polyurethane Foam Applications

ISOLOSS™ LS foam’s ability to remain resilient while effectively absorbing energy make it ideal for impact and cushioning applications. These flexible yet durable foams also offer flame and chemical resistance in severe environments that provide strength and longevity in many applications. ISOLOSS™ LS foams can be laminated to fabrics or other facings and can be configured to make custom seals and gaskets. Some of the applications that ISOLOSS™ LS foam products include:

  • Enclosure and component mounting
  • Securing medical equipment
  • Sealing applications
  • Heavy equipment
  • Vibration damping and/or shock-absorbing pad in electronic devices
  • Gasketing and gap filling

ISOLOSS™ High-Density Polyurethane Foam Beneficial Features

High-density polyurethane absorbing foams are supplied in roll or sheet form and can be custom die-cut to your specific application requirements. LS foams are durable and can be laminated to fabrics, scrims, or other facings by using a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. These PSA backings make installation simple while reducing the cost of assembly. When dealing with vibration isolation applications, ISOLOSS™ LS foam’s lightweight and flexible properties, when combined with their durability and controlled compression attributes, allow for one-step application to resolve issues. Some of ISOLOSS™ LS foams additional features include:
  • Meets many standards for gasket and seal usage including UL50, UL157, UL508 and UL514B
  • Excellent internal strength
  • Minimal outgassing
  • Broad service temperature range
  • Effective vibration isolation
  • Multiple densities and CFD curves
  • Rebound characteristics provide a soft and spring-like mechanism allowing components to return to their original state
  • Low compression set allows the foam to maintain its original structure for the life of the product

On a material specification basis, ISOLOSS™ LS foams often have superior individual attributes, such as compression set. A low compression set value indicates that the foam will constantly return to its original thickness after repeated or continuous compression, ensuring predictable performance through countless operating cycles.

ISOLOSS™ LS Foam Product Availability

With a 54” wide material web that provides efficient parts for converting, ISOLOSS™ LS is available in multiple configurations. Our ISOLOSS™ LS foam rolls vary in length based on thickness and are supplied with a removable liner on one side. 

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