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Custom Material Converting Services

Custom converting services and processes allow for different types of materials to be converted into a wide range of products. Material converting services are accomplished through numerous processes including rotary die cutting, laser cutting, die cutting, slitting, rewinding, kitting, custom cutting (BYOM) and lamination.
Rathbun is proud to be a 3M Preferred Converter. The Preferred Converter designation doesn’t come easy; we’ve earned this title through our skills, experience, and—most importantly—our world-class capabilities for turning raw stock into cut and finished parts. To put it simply, being a preferred converter means we’re “first place” in our industry and a cut above the rest.
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High-End Custom Converting Services

Material converting services provide an effective way to alter standard materials into highly useful products. Rathbun offers the following types of custom converting services for your specific needs.  


Kiss-cutting is a popular method of cutting adhesives and foams. The process involves cutting the top layer of material, leaving a thin backing on the converted material. 

Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary Die Cutting is a highly effective method for cutting parts that require high volume and extremely close tolerances. This process can also include can also include Kiss-Cutting, Through Cutting, Scoring, and Perforated Cutting. Finished parts can be produced in roll form or individually loose cut.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is the quickest way to produce prototypes and proof-of-concept parts. We can take your drawing file and convert it into a part within minutes. Whether it is a simple or a complex part, laser custom converting services can quickly and effectively create a wide range of parts.

Custom Die Cutting

Custom die cutting services are regularly utilized for thicker materials and lower production runs.  Rathbun offers a wide range of converting services.  Die cutting ranges from very small steel rule dies to as large as 36” wide x 80” long.

Slitting & Rewinding

Log Slitting, also known as Baloney Slitting, is a shearing process that converts a large master roll into narrow rolls by driving a rotating blade into the rotating log. Once the material is completely slit through the supporting three-inch core, the spools are removed from the mandrel. This process can be used for materials with or without adhesive backing. We provide extensive slitting capabilities from Slit Rewind functions to Baloney Slitting (up to 72” in width).

Lamination Service

Lamination is a manufacturing process used to bond multiple layers of unlike materials together to create a composite product. Most common is the lamination of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) to one side of a material, the primary step before producing gaskets with PSA backing. Rathbun is capable of Hot/Cold lamination up to 60” in width. Lamination service is also achieved as an inline setup during the manufacturing of Rotary Cut Parts.

3M Preferred Converter Capabilities

As a 3M preferred converter, Rathbun can help you enhance your product’s design and appearance, improve performance and processes and help you create a better and more competitive product. We offer the following advantages:
  • Start-to-Finish Services – Rathbun has the know-how and expertise to take your project from the design/engineering stage to prototyping and first articles to full production. We can also advise your engineers on how to make your parts faster, easier, and less expensive to produce, without sacrificing quality or performance.
  • Prototyping & First Articles - Rathbun is ISO 9001 Certified, which means we hold our performance to a higher standard.  We will turn your designs into prototype parts, complete with FAIRs (First Article Inspection Reports), to help you test your parts for fit, form, and function. Our converting capabilities allow you to make modifications quickly and easily, without incurring new engineering or tooling fees for each new design iteration. In fact, with our laser cutting capabilities, we can fabricate prototypes and production parts with no tooling charges whatsoever!
  • Low- to High-Volume Production - Once your part designs are finalized, we will provide you with a fast and accurate piece-price quote for your project, based on the materials, quantities, and converting processes required. From there, we’ll take your parts into full production. Whether you need ten parts or ten million, our advanced fabrication technology, skilled, experienced staff, and worldwide production facilities enable us to deliver your parts in some of the industry’s fastest turnaround times. We guarantee superior precision and accuracy, no matter how complex your designs, and perfect repeatability from the first piece to the last.

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