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Long known as the world leader in UV adhesives and epoxies, EMI (Electronic Materials Inc.) has been formulating and manufacturing innovative UV-curable products for more than three decades.
Rathbun offers EMI’s full line of UV-curable specialty adhesives. Our inventory includes EMI’s EMCAST, 1900 Series, OPTOCAST, and mCAST products. We also utilize  these   high   performance   products  in our converting processes to create products that provide reliable adhesion in challenging applications.
EMI’s UV materials can be used as electrically and thermally conductive systems, surface mount adhesives, glob tops, and chip underfill materials. Custom formulations are also available to give you the perfect adhesive solution for your unique application.

EMI UV Products from Rathbun


The EMCAST family is EMI’s flagship line of adhesives and epoxies. Designed for both electronics and general adhesive applications, these products exhibit very low levels of  ionic   contamination ,   and exceed NASA requirements for outgassing. The EMCAST product line includes acrylate based UV-cure materials and one- and two-component thermal-cure epoxy adhesives.

1900 Series

EMI’s 1900 Series curable epoxies contain no solvents and are curable via long-wave UV light. Using these 100% solid UV-curable epoxies allows boards and components to be coated cured in a matter of seconds, with no need for extended room temperature- or oven-curing.


These clear adhesive materials are designed for fast, precise bonding of optical and electronic components, with low shrinkage. The OPTOCAST line exhibits high optical clarity with low stress and minimal shrinkage upon cure, with very low CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) values and high moisture resistance.


Specially formulated for medical device and disposable bonding processes, EMI’s mCAST product line includes a variety of unique products:
  • UV-curable and UV- and/or thermally-curable cationic epoxy adhesives
  • UV-curable and UV- and/or thermally-curable acrylic and urethane adhesives
  • One- and two-component thermally-curable epoxy formulations
  • Water-based acrylic emulsions
  • Customized formulations and packaging options

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