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3M Hook & Loop Reclosable Fasteners

(3M Hook & Loop Reclosable Fasteners)
3M Hook and Loop Fasteners provide enhanced appearance, capacity, and efficiency over customary latches like screws and snaps. 3M Hook and Loop allows for seamless application and quick installation, as there is no need for boring or tightening rivets or bolts. Once the two sides of the material are clasped together, firm hooks interlock with a surface of flexible loops that are on the opposite side for locked closure. Simply peel back one side to re-open the fastener.
Product Features:
  • Hooks on one side and loops on the facing side for secure, reusable closure
  • Dependable PSA grip on contact with an assortment of materials
  • 3M offers more than 5,000 unique Hook & Loop products
  • Allows for fast product assembly
  • The bigger the fastener area, the greater the holding strength 
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