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3M EMI Absorber AB5050SHF

Minimum order: 50
UOM: Sheet
Lead time: 2 working days
Lead time does not include transit time

3M absorbing material AB5050SHF is explicitly designed to eliminate undesirable noise from a few hundred megahertz to multiple gigahertz frequencies. The flexible EMI absorbing material can reduce interference due to emissions, oscillations and crosstalk generated by numerous types of electronic devices. The 3M EMI absorber material consists of metal flakes filler, polymer resin, with an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive that can be directly applied to circuitry and noisy traces without the concern of electrical shorts.
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Specifications for AB5050SHF

  • Dimension: 210mm x 297mm
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.7 W/mK
  • Thickness: 0.50mm
  • Color: Gray
  • Adhesive: Non-Conductive Acrylic Adhesive PSA
  • Applications: EMI Absorbing, EMI Noise Suppression
  • RoHS Compliant: Yes
  • ECCN: EAR99
  • Liner: Removable Liner
  • HTS Code: 3919.90.5060
  • Country of Origin: Korea(South)
  • Halogen Free: Yes

3M EMI Absorbing Material Features & Benefits

The AB5050SHF 3M EMI absorber is used extensively throughout the world for limiting the amount of interference that is either received or transmitted from an electronic device. Since electromagnetic interference can disrupt the functionality of countless electronic devices, 3M EMI absorbing material provides an invaluable service. Some of the additional advantages associated with 3M AB5050SHF EMI absorbers, include:
  • Polymer resin and metal flakes filler
  • Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Removable liner for easy handling and die-cutting
  • RoHS compliant

3M EMI Absorber Applications

To enhance standard shielding of electromagnetic interference, EMI absorbing material can be added to a wide range of electronic devices. These materials provide enhanced EMI and RFI protection services for numerous electronic applications, including:
  • Mobile phones
  • Computers
  • Military equipment
  • RF blocks
  • Cameras
  • PDA’s
  • And many more

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