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CONFORâ„¢ Foams

  • E-A-R™ CONFOR™ Foams
CONFOR™ ergonomic foam materials deliver a distinct combination of temperature reactive properties, high energy damping, and physical textures. They display a remarkably low compression set for their excessive deadening and low-recoil properties, while performing at 97% energy absorption without bottoming out.
When contacted by a warm surface, CONFOR™ foam materials become soft and pliable, which allows for an even distribution of pressure while retaining a firm, yet cushioned, support. These properties make them superb for use in healthcare applications.  
CONFOR™ foams are engineered to offer flexible protection in numerous cushioning applications, ranging from body contact padding to electronics packaging.
Product Features:
  • Temperature reactive
  • Energy damping
  • Very low rebound
  • Reduced weight and lower density configurations are offered for specialty applications
  • Thicknesses available in custom dimensions    
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