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3M Differential Double Coated Tapes

(3M Differential Double Coated Tapes)
3M Differential Double Coated Tapes are designed with adhesive on both sides. Differential double coated tapes differ from double coated tapes because the adhesive is different on each side, making these tapes best suited for laminating applications where two dissimilar materials are being joined. The top side of the tape provides shear strength and great peel adhesion to materials like cross-linked PE, ethylene-vinyl acetate foam, and microcellular urethane foam. The bottom side of the tape adheres well to low surface energy materials like polypropylene and polyethylene.         
Product Features:
  • Gives clean removability and lasting bond
  • Bonds to an assortment of surface areas
  • Choose from a variety of pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Can be die-cut into complicated shapes and sizes
  • Seamless application
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